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Long Island Pet Store

The Pet Den is a Long Island exotic pet store, specializing in spoon-fed baby exotic birds, domestically raised exotic reptiles, hand raised small animals, fresh water and marine tropical fish, pond fish and aquariums.  In addition, the Pet Den offers exotic bird food, cat and dog supplies, exotic pet grooming, as well as animal boarding for pet owners who are away and cannot care for their pets.

Established in 1976, the Pet Den has provided the finest pet care products to customers for their pet care needs. Our knowledgeable Pet Den staff is dedicated to its clients and the expert care of their pets and pet needs.  It is this dedication and commitment to detail that has earned Pet Den the respect of New York’s pet community.

In educating children and adults about the wonderful world of the animal kingdom, The Pet Den has developed two new concepts: The Pet Zoo on Wheels and The Party Jungle. The Pet Zoo on Wheels is a service designed to educate and entertain children and adults alike.  Pet Zoo on Wheels brings unique and exotic animals to your location in Nassau or Suffolk County, to learn “hands-on” about these exotic animals. The Party Jungle is an exciting, educational and fun experience designed with your child in mind as well. Our all-inclusive private Party Jungle room is decorated with jungle murals, to help your child and their party guests’ imaginations take them on a jungle adventure.

Contact The Pet Den now to book The Pet Zoo on Wheels or Party Jungle for your next party or event.

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Customized Exotic Bird Food Diets

The Pet Den has developed a unique and customized blend of aromatic seed mixtures for birds. Our  Custom Avian Diets are exclusive to Pet Den and go well beyond the term “Bird Food.”  These avian diets are aromatically enhanced and vitamin enriched blends, formulated exclusively by the Pet Den staff. We have combined our vast experience and knowledge in bird care.  Custom avian diets are designed to cater to the health and nutritional needs of all our feathered friends

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Long Island Pet Store Pet Boarding

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Going on a trip but have no one to watch your pets?

Don’t worry, at the Pet Den we also offer proficient

animal boarding for birds, reptiles, and small animals.

Due to our commitment and loving care given to our pet

guests, we are proud to say that we have repeat customers

year after year. For more information please give us a call.

Long Island Small Animal Pet Grooming

Professional, Affordable, Safe!

Reptile Nails Trimmed
Small Animal Nails Trimmed
Bird Wings, Nails and Beak Trimmed

No appointment necessary

(dog and cat grooming not available)

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Aquarium Installation and Maintenance

suffolk county aquariums

The Pet Den offers expert installation and maintenance on

fresh water and marine aquariums. We offer a large

selection of sizes and shapes to fit any home or office needs.

And, if you don’t want to fuss with your aquarium

we will maintain it for you, we’re experts with fresh water fish, salt water fish and pond fishes.

Pet Den V.I.P Rewards Card

You can pick-up your V.I.P. REWARDS CARD at the Pet Den!

Once your card is completed receive a $50.00 Pet Den Gift


For in-store purchase only. Limited time offer!

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Some Of The Product Lines We Carry


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